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Making Education Fashionable

We are simplify education through e-Learning mobile technology solutions. We have tablets and a uniquely designed device, i.e., digital library which is distributed, along with learning tablets to schools. A digital library is a device with free WI-FI, which is loaded with the whole syllabus from grade 1 to grade 12. In it are video lessons, handy notes, textbooks and some web links. The digital library essentially functions as a school on the digital cloud.

Making Education Fashionable.

Tablet contains:

Video lessons, handy notes, some textbooks and some web links. In a nutshell, the device is a school on the cloud. Teachers can use the same platform to teach and send assessments online to the students which they write using the tablets we provide. On top of that, the device also marks the assessments. Because of diversification we are also a digital and direct marketing agency, we represent companies by promoting their products through direct marketing and digital marketing in the ICT space.

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Making Education Fashionable

We are passionate about helping kids succeed and thrive at a very young age. Our technology is designed to educate while having fun. Contact us today

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